Look 795 Blade Aero bicycle

Looking for the new Look 795 Blade Aero bicycle? Well — you just found it at our shop in Bildeston, Suffolk.

We invite you to drop by and get your hands on this new model from Look Cycles. We are an easy journey from Ipswich and Colchester and anyone who lives in the East of England.

So, it goes like this… there was a time when aero road bikes only focused on aerodynamics, it looks like this time has passed with the new Look 795 Blade RS – which is Look’s development of a bicycle that fulfils on all road cyclists requirements, aero, comfort and performance.

Look matches Aero with stiffness to weight ratio

The Look 795 Blade RS cuts through the air, provides unmatched stiffness to weight ratio in the aero bikes category and it maintains traction where other bikes fail thanks to an innovative rear triangle design and large tire clearance.

Rim brake and disc brake versions are available so that no matter which braking system you prefer there will be a Look 795 Blade RS for you.

In summary, the Look 795 Blade RS is packed with so many features that assure it is the fastest, smoothest and most versatile bike Look cycles have ever made.

How does Look optimise the traction transfer of power to the road?

A fast road bike should be capable of transferring the highest percentage of the cyclist’s power to the road, creating forward motion.

The Look new ‘3S’ technology is all about rear wheel traction. By creating longer and curved seat stays, having no bridge between them — on both rim brakes and disc brakes version. They have also optimised the carbon lay-up to allow some vertical movement while maintaining lateral stiffness of the rear triangle. Giving you the cyclist not only traction but also comfort – voila!

The key benefit of bringing traction and comfort in the rear triangle is that the bike does not rely on a flexible seat post, which improving pedalling efficiency and ultimately your speed on the road!

Published by Rob Morse

Rob is the founder and owner of Lifecycle UK bicycle shop.