Specialist bike shop including custom builds, bike fit, wheel builds, service and repairs.

Be here now.

This is the perfect ride, you are comfortable and performing at your best.
You have got the right bicycle on a perfect day.
Your bike is perfectly tuned and free from any distractions.
Be here now, in the moment.

Take a look at the bicycles we can hand on heart, recommend to our customers.

A set of custom wheels is a really amazing difference to the feel of your bicycle on or off the road.

Lifecycle UK bicycle wheel building specialists Essex and Suffolk

Because you would love the perfect bicycle. We love to build perfect custom bicycles.

You can count on us to go the extra mile to make sure your bicycle is free from any issues.

Go further, faster and better with a MorphoLogics bike fit.

Lifecycle UK bicycle workshop Essex and Suffolk

A comprehensive selection of bicycle accessories in the shop.

Lifecycle UK bicycle bottle cage and accessories shop Essex and Suffolk

We stock a selection of cycling accessories, from tubeles tyres to energy gels

If there is an accessory or part you can't find call the shop on 01449 744467 we probably stock the item you are looking for.

We are an independent bicycle shop offering a service you can trust.

Lifecycle UK bicycle workshop Essex and Suffolk

So why should an independent bike shop make any difference to you? Because we have no allegience to a manufacturer you get honest, unbiased advice and service.

The shop is within easy reach of Bury, Colchester and Ipswich.

Graphic showing distance from Lifecycle UK in Bildeston to Colchester

The shop is approximately 20 miles from Colchester, 15 miles from Bury and 14 miles from Ipswich and in easy reach of the East of England.