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What is the MorphoLogics Postural System?

Conceived to create an optimal union between rider and machine, the MorphoLogics Postural System is the realisation of more than 20 years' of detailed positioning analysis done at France's Lyon Center of Sports Medicine.

Unbiased data, without subjective interpretation.

A full decade was spent conducting the research and development for the system as we see it today. All of the research and development was independent — to ensure unbiased and scientifically sound data, unspoiled by preconceptions of what works on the bike.

Ten anthropometric measures for the bike fit.

The MorphoLogics system uses 10 anthropometric parameters : Stature, inseam, shoulder width, shoulder height (left and right), pelvis width, femur length (left and right), arm length (left and right), to which are added the two foot measurements obtained by measuring the distance between the heel and the first metatarsal articulation.

Simple. By design.

On the surface, our approach seems quite simple. We don't have a bike sizing machine, a fit session is quick, and we don't measure a rider with a myriad of different tools and techniques. This is by design.

MorphoLogics bike fit at Lifecycle UK — the process.

Bike fit consultation over a coffee
Every bike fit starts with a conversation and assessment of your ride requirements.
  1. Bike chat and body assessment to understand your riding and ambitions.
  2. A full MorphoLogics Postural fit, including comprehensive physiological measurements.
  3. Bike presented to our technicians and make necessary adjustments for perfect fit.
  4. Position and adjust cleats to your measurements.
  5. Final fit and check in the fitting studio.
  6. Have a good ride!
Lifecycle UK bicycle fit science
Critical performance dynamics are constantly monitored.

Science based and widely researched

The MorphoLogics fit system is based on over 10 years of lab studies across a base of more than 65,000 fit sessions across all cycling disciplines and performance levels.

Independently conducted research monitored physiological responses to a wide array of cycling dynamics.

World class, top level amateur, club racer, and tourist athletes were tested for muscular endurance, VO2Max, optimal power output, optimal cadence, optimal oxygen uptake, respiratory rate, blood-lactate, and aerodynamics.

Lifecycle UK bicycle fit dynamics
Nine key body measurements are used for the bike fit.

A precise and objective bike fit

Many bicycle fit methods can be subjective, depending too much on "feel" and the skills of the individual bike fitter. Various fit technicians using the same method may still end up with different results — not very scientific.

Extensive testing, research, and practical analyses serve as the foundation to the MorphoLogics Postural System. More than 65,000 fit sessions boiled down to provide the most precise, reliable, and quantifiable data affecting your performance on a bike.

The MorphoLogics system doesn't depend on the skill of the individual fitter and the varied results that method may provide.

Rather, the system is stable on the front-end, depending on a detailed rider interview, information on the rider's equipment and just 9 key body measurements. It is easy to conduct a fit, efficient, and accurate.

Lifecycle UK bike fit Essex and Suffolk
Limited fatigue and correct muscles are engaged.

Less Energy = Better Performance

The MorphoLogics system is based on the physiological principle that a rider going the same speed, with the same power output while using less energy will perform at a higher level.

A more efficient position limits fatigue, favours the proper muscles and body systems and leads to a better result.

A custom fit - one that places you and your machine in perfect harmony is the best way to realize your riding potential. Each rider's morphology, level, history, and riding discipline demands a specific riding position.

The proper set-up improves efficiency, comfort, performance, and aerodynamics while ensuring injury prevention.

A range of bike fit options to suit your requirements

Free bicycle fit Lifecycle UK Essex Suffolk
MorphoLogics fit for a new bike.

Fit for new bike

This is the best way to ensure the perfect fit for performance, comfort & endurance if you are looking to purchase a new bike or get a custom bicycle made.

Buy a bicycle from us or get a custom bike build and you get the full Morphologics fit and application to the bicycle for £120.

Stage One bicycle fit Lifecycle UK Essex Suffolk
MorphoLogics fit and application to your bike.

Fit & application to bicycle

The best money you will ever spend on your ride. If you already own a bike and are looking to achieve the best riding position — this is the fit for you.

You get a full MorphoLogics Postural fit, a record of you physiological data and application of the fit to an existing bike from £220.

Stage Two bicycle fit Lifecycle UK Essex Suffolk
MorphoLogics postural fit only.

Postural fit only

We understand that the body does not exist in a vacuum - it's dynamic and changing, you will gain and/or lose weight, fitness, core strength and flexibility over time.

So a bike fitting needs to understand that your position may also evolve over time.

The fit only service gives you all the data from a full postural fit for £160.

Stage Three bicycle fit Lifecycle UK Essex Suffolk
MorphoLogics fit for any other bicycle

Application to another bike

Already had a fit and want to apply it to another bike?

This service applies your existing postural fit data to another bike from £80.

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