Cicli Barco

Cicli Barco has been dedicated to the production of steel frames for the professional cycling sector since 1947. More than 60 years of passionate work and experience have built a deep knowledge and appreciation of steel bicycle frames.

Passion continues to drive the team at Cicli Barco to new solutions which aim to maximise performance and aesthetic at the same time.

Sophisticated computer-aided design, combined with our side-by-side experience with renowned bicycles builders means we can deliver fully customisable bicycle frames, each one unique.

Cicli Barco Pista custom build

Further details of this stunning Cicli Barco pista bicycle coming soon.

If you are at the Bespoked Bike show in Bristol this weekend it will be on display at our stand, where you can meet the makers and the team at Lifecycle UK.

This track frame is specific to its intended use, with emphasis on rigidity and lightness. It is optimised for racing at a velodrome or outdoor track. And it’s equally at home riding on the roads or streets as a fixie or single speed.

We have built the rear wheel with Paul flip flop hub so you can ride as a fixed wheel or single speed. And we can set up the gear ratios to suit your individual ride requirements.

Like all good track bikes, this promises to should handle well, giving you the confidence when chopping and changing direction at high speed, accelerate quickly and be strong enough to withstand the harsh forces track riding involves.

It is also designed to be stable at high speed – especially when going for a flat out sprint for the finish line (we don’t want to be giving anyone a dirty flick).

Comfort isn’t really a consideration as time spent on a track bike is relatively short but we can provide a professional bike fit which will afford the highest level of comfort and performance dynamics you would expect from this ride.